It covers more than 200 countries and regions, with data from nearly 1,200 games at all levels, including real-time data such as scores, events, technical statistics and the presence of players. Statistics of the championship, the top scorer, the transfer, the injury, the first runner-up, the team's statistics and career statistics.


We have many years of Internet video experience, led by a number of sports video senior figures. Have long - term in-depth cooperation with many mainstream media. The content of the production covers big data and tactical analysis, score prediction, field interview, fun video, sports betting teaching and other multilingual content.


Combined with the news engine of the data center, the media agency and the forward report of the club, the game fundamentals, the team tactics, the sports interview programs, and the information around the sports, average daily offers more than 300 football news and information. More than any other media attention to the scope of the event and the impact of the news content.


International innovation based on artificial intelligence service to fans live viewing assistant, via voice interactive way of brand new, give fans massive video about the premier league, fresh and interesting, and event information. With the semantic understanding of artificial intelligence, the traditional watching experience is subverted.